established in 2014

Koan Farms was started in 2014 with the mission to produce and distribute vegetables that improve the health of the soil, the health of the individual and help our community to become an ecosystem.

We currently produce on three-quarters of an acre of land. Our farm would certainly be classified as a "micro-farm," yet despite our land "limitations" we were able to grow about 5,000 pounds of food in the 2016 season. 

We are located at the Thomas Darling Historical House in Woodbridge Connecticut.


Farm Manager

Ethan Schneider - Farmer Ethan has been involved with local agricultural production since 2011. He has worked on a variety of different farms from California to Pennsylvania. He was born and raised in Fairfield county and returned to Connecticut to farm in 2013. In his experiences he has raised a diversity of market and CSA vegetables, chickens, goats and pigs. His passion for hard work and getting dirty are the driving force behind his love for farming.


thomas darling house

Built for Thomas Darling (1720-1789) between 1772 and 1774, this highly significant Colonial Cape is historically important for its extended association with the Darling family and its preservation as a house museum by the Amity and Woodbridge Historical Society.* Added significance is derived from its well-preserved historic agrarian setting, which contains fine barns and other outbuildings.